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A Trust Attorney Palmdale Families can Count On

It would be nice if everything went smoothly when a family member dies, but unfortunately not everyone plans ahead. In some cases, the assistance of an attorney is required to sort through the mess, determine who gets what, and set up trust funds if they are thought to be what is best for the distribution of assets. If the latter is what your family desires, the trust attorney Palmdale families come to most often is Jesus Zuniga. Our firm has the experience and knowledge of trusts you’re looking for.

Of course, trust funds aren’t just for probate and last will and testament cases. On the contrary, a family that plans properly will set up trust funds while everyone is still alive so that assets can be distributed as they are accumulated. There are certain benefits to having this done with a trust fund, including tax deferments and an administrator for funds that are going to children or irresponsible adults. It is also possible to earmark funds for specific purposes, like education trust funds.

A Palmdale trust attorney can also act as the administrator or executor of the trust to ensure there is a neutral, unbiased individual making disbursements. The laws governing trust funds and the legal obligation of the attorney ensure that assets will be distributed according to your wishes. You can set up a trust fund to be irrevocable if your want those disbursements to always remain the same, or you can create a revocable trust where a vote to make changes can be taken by those involved in the trust. Either way, our firm can help you set it up and make sure it runs smoothly.

How much advance planning have you done to make sure your family is taken care of in the event of a tragedy or accidental death? If you have a last will and testament, your wishes should be honored, but if there are multiple parties out there who can lay claim to your estate, you may need more than that. A good example is someone who has been married more than once and has children from each of his or her former spouses. Who gets what? If your assets go into a trust fund when you die, they will get what the trust calls for, nothing more, nothing less. We’ll make sure of it.

Why hire us as your California Family Attorney?

Why come to the law offices of Jesus Zuniga when you need a good California Family Attorney? What exactly makes us so special and why would you hire us before hiring someone else? If you ask any of our current clients, they’ll tell you the most important reason for them is the comfortable and secure feeling they get when we’re working on their case. Our team of legal professionals is confident and easy-going because we know what we’re doing. There’s no guess-work when we go to family court because we do our homework before we walk through the door.

Attorney Zuniga is a lawyer who understands family dynamics and the difficulties that married couples often face. Divorce doesn’t have to be ugly and child custody issues should not permanently damage the children. As a professional with multiple years of experience in family law, Attorney Zuniga knows what steps to take and which to avoid so that your kids are affected as little as possible by the separation and legal divorce of their parents. Some pain is unavoidable, but much can be avoided if the case is handled properly by a competent attorney.

As a Lancaster and Palmdale family attorney, Jesus Zuniga has handled dozens of divorce and child custody cases. As a firm, we also have experience in child and spousal support cases, restraining orders, and the enforcement or defense against contempt of court charges. All of these are, unfortunately, issues that may arise in a family court case. If you’re involved in one, the last thing you want to do is to get caught up in one of these painful processes without legal representation.

Why should you choose us over any other attorney in Lancaster or Palmdale? We have the experience, the knowledge, and the compassion to help you get through what will no doubt be an extremely painful period of your life. Most people are seeking long term happiness when they get married, so a divorce is an unexpected and shocking life change that will require the support of friends and family to get through. It will also require a good divorce attorney, and you have found one of the best right here.

Should your divorce be uncontested?

Lancaster, CA Divorce Advice Blog:

Why fight it? Why uncontested divorce is the best approach.
Approximately 90% of divorces are uncontested. What this means is that the parties involved are able to settle their differences without even going to trial. Sooner or later the divorce parties choose the path of less resistance. The key is to be reasonable and agree before spending unnecessary time and money.
What’s a divorce? A divorce is “dissolution” or termination of marriage through the court, making parties single. Through the divorce the judge can make child support, spousal support, custody and visitation, property division, and other orders. If there is domestic violence the court may also grant restraining orders.

Uncontested divorces
If both spouses agree on the maintenance, property, and custody and visitation of the children, a divorce may proceed by “mutual agreement.”
The parties don’t need to test or prove anything. They just sign the separation agreement. It is not necessary to appear in court. Because of this, uncontested divorces usually save significant time and money compared to contested divorces.

Contested divorces
By contrast, two spouses go through a contested divorce if they’re unable to reach an agreement on issues even after trying alternatives like mediation. When this happens, the divorce case then goes before the court where the judge makes the final call on each issue a lot of times with severe time constraints and after considering limited or incomplete information on the issues.
Do parties really need a divorce attorney for a “simple” divorce?

Before you start your case, even if you believe it is simple or that it will be uncontested, talk to a Lancaster, ca divorce lawyer to help you make the best decision.
If you plan ahead you can avoid costly mistakes and save time, money, and the need to drag children through the court system.
Whereas having an attorney isn’t always necessary for an uncontested divorce, getting an attorney for a contested divorce is probably a prudent measure. This is because the issues involved are usually complex and may involve navigation of technical legal procedures. In general, contested divorces tend to be much more stressful, take much longer to complete, and also cost more due to attorney fees.
Hire a lawyer who has handled many divorce cases, with whom you feel comfortable on a personal level, and with whom you can communicate easily because you will have to discuss with your attorney highly personal and sensitive matters. The Law Offices of Jesus Zuniga in Lancaster, CA will be able to help you through your matter with a delicate combination of aggressiveness, compassion, and dedication.

How Your Lancaster Divorce Attorney can Make the Process Easier

If you couldn’t have a civil conversation with your significant other while the two of you were together, what makes you think you can do it when you’re going through a divorce? When husbands and wives who are separating attempt to go into court without a Lancaster Divorce Attorney, they often find themselves arguing in front of the judge, not an action that will gain any sympathy for either party. If you want things to go smoothly, you are much better off letting an attorney do the talking for you.

Divorce is not a pleasant situation, even for the most amicable of couples. If there are children involved, it can be even worse. Parents can take all the right steps to get their kids used to the idea and still not soften the blow when the time comes to finally end their marriage. If the children have to make an appearance in court, the emotional scars they end up with will last a lifetime. The fallout could involve rebellion when they become teenagers, discipline and learning problems at school, and the possible need for individual or family counseling.

In some cases the pain is unavoidable because staying together would be far more traumatic than divorcing, but in other instances, if each party hires a good California divorce attorney, differences and custody issues can be settled outside the courtroom. The two parties can then present a united front to the judge and ensure that the process goes smoothly without the need for child involvement. The kids will still know what’s going on and be affected by it, but at least they won’t get dragged into court.

A good divorce attorney will encourage you to not use your children as a bargaining chip or try to get them to take sides in a divorce proceeding. This never brings good results. Even if you get everything you want, there will be long term resentments, emotional scars, and a fractured family structure that can never be repaired. Divorce might be the end of a husband and wife relationship between you and your spouse, but it doesn’t have to eliminate the presence of both a mother and father in the lives of your children.

Responsibilities of and Expectations for a Lancaster Trust Attorney

Before you hire a Lancaster Trust Attorney, it’s important that you understand exactly what they are capable of doing for you. Your expectations need to be realistic and the only way that can happen is if you know what the responsibilities of a trust attorney are. Some of those responsibilities are set by the law itself and others are designated by the parties involved in the creation and administration of the trust. In certain cases, the administrator of the trust may be the trust attorney himself.

How do you determine how exactly you want your trust fund to work? A “trust” is an instrument by which you transfer property to a person or corporation for the benefit of another person. There are two common types: revocable and irrevocable. One can be changed after it is created and the other cannot. In the case of a trust initiated by request of a last will and testament, the trust is normally of the irrevocable type, with stipulations put in to cover transfer of assets in the event of the beneficiary’s death.

A California trust attorney can be the neutral party in disputes that arise when an individual dies without a will. This condition is called intestacy. When a person dies intestate, their assets go into probate and it needs to be determined who is entitled to them. This process can be long and tedious, and often gets ugly if there are multiple parties making claim to all or part of the estate. In some cases, placing the assets in trust and having the attorney, a neutral party, distribute them equally according to a mutually acceptable agreement is the best choice available.

You can avoid probate and intestacy by doing some sensible estate planning. If you work your entire life to accumulate some assets and have loved ones who you want those assets to go to when you die, you’ll want to have a legal will and possibly a trust fund set up to make sure they get what you decide you want them to get. These protections also ensure that the vultures won’t descend upon your estate when you pass and devour all of your hard earned money and property.

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