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Let your Palmdale Family Attorney do his Job and you’ll get Better Results

Don’t believe everything you see on television. Drama in the courtroom is never a good thing for the party trying to gain custody or set child support payments in their favor. If you attempt to either go to court without a Palmdale family attorney or try to do his job for him, the judge will probably not rule in your favor. Let your attorney do his job and you’ll definitely see better results. Go to court with a sense of entitlement and a bad attitude and you’ll be disappointed with the outcome.

There’s a good reason why we have so many lawyers in our society. The law is a complicated subject that should not be played with by those who know nothing about it. Even dedicated study is no substitute for experience. Our firm has been in our local courtrooms many times over the years and we know what is expected of us. The judges we deal with have all dealt with us before and respect the fact that we always come prepared and advise our clients to let the process work for them.

There are certain rights that you have in child custody and divorce proceedings. It’s not as if you are totally powerless, but it is important that you know where your responsibilities end and those of your Palmdale divorce attorney begin. A good rule of thumb is to do all of your talking before you walk into the courtroom. Screaming at the judge about how much of a slug your significant other is will not do anything to help your case. On the contrary, it may bring your own sanity into question.

Decisions are made and deals are struck long before the parties involved go in front of the judge. As your attorney, we will make sure that the points of the agreement are clear and acceptable to both you and the opposing party. If not, we’ll sit down with their lawyers and go back and forth until a resolution is come to. Let us do our job and we’ll get you the terms you’re looking for. That’s what we do, and we’re pretty good at it.

Doing some Estate Planning? Have you spoken with a California Trust Attorney?

There is no way you will ever allow your annoying aunt to have that beautiful painting that has been passed down in your family for generations, but how will you prevent her from getting it when you die? If you don’t hire a California trust attorney to handle your affairs now, she might just step in and claim it. You might not like it, but she could have a right to it unless you designate its destination in a last will and testament. Even then, she could contest it and present a case for ownership. What else can you do?

Set up a trust fund and have the painting donated to a museum if you can’t think of someone else in the family you’d like to leave it to. An irrevocable trust fund is unbreakable. Auntie can cry all she wants. There’s no way she’s getting the painting. She can come to the Museum of Art and check it out any time she cares to. Knowing its there for all to admire should bring her some joy. At the very least, it will make the other members of your family happy.

Does any of this sound familiar? Everyone has an annoying relative in the family that they don’t want to see any of their belongings end up with upon their death. Some proper estate planning from a trust attorney in California will not only prevent that from happening, it will also allow you to designate any of your assets to parties you want them to go to and ensure that your bills are taken care of and not left behind as a burden to your loved ones. You can actually rest in peace when you’re gone.

Trust funds are particularly important if you have younger children. Set one up early and feed a steady flow of income into it so that your kids will have a nest egg to start their lives out with. If anything happens to you, an executor or administrator can be selected to manage the trust fund and handle disbursements. You can also set a stipulation that no disbursements come out until the children reach a certain age. Ask us about these and other trust fund options when you call.

Hiring a Lancaster Family Attorney for Child Custody Cases

Stop trying to do it all by yourself. Hire a Lancaster family attorney to handle that child custody case and take your ego and feelings out of the mix. There’s a good chance that, by now, you’re doing your case more harm than good. It’s understandable that you want to be in control. After all, we are talking about your children here. Parents often can’t think rationally when they’re busy fighting with their estranged spouse and trying to do what they feel is best for their children at the same time.

Custody fights, child support payments, spousal support, abuse, neglect, irreconcilable differences, these are all common terms you hear when people talk about divorce. If you’re caught up in a battle over some or all of these, you’re not going to be able to speak and act without some type of emotion. You wouldn’t be human if you could. That’s why the presence of an attorney beside you is so important to your case and the overall health and welfare of your children. You need help coming to the right decision and you’ll definitely need someone to present it for you when you do.

California family attorneys are advocates for spouses that are resolving disputes and have an ethical and moral obligation to always put the interests of the children first in any legal proceedings that affect them. To make sure that happens, in custody cases the children themselves will have an attorney dedicated solely to their interests, not the interests of any of the parties looking to gain custody of them. Unfortunately, sometimes the parents are so focused on their differences with each other that they forget about the best interests of the children. It’s not intentional. It just happens.

Think forward to a time five or ten years from now and visualize how you want everyone involved in this child custody fight to feel about each other. You and your estranged spouse may never be able to heal the wounds between the two of you, but what about the kids? Should they have to suffer? Let our law firm handle the case for you and we’ll do everything in our power to make sure they don’t.

Palmdale Divorce Attorneys aren’t All the Same

Think very carefully about what you want in a Palmdale divorce attorney. The primary concern is to make sure your rights are protected and that you get whatever spousal support or child custody arrangements you’re looking for, but what type of approach do you want to use to achieve those goals? Are you looking for the stereotypical barracuda divorce attorney who would devour his own young to win a case, or do you want someone who can get it done without animosity and thug tactics?

For someone in a rational state of mind, the decision would be simple. A non-confrontational approach is always better than a guns-blazing philosophy, but an aggrieved spouse in pain may not feel that way. The desire to punish the opposing party can get in the way of doing what is right and fair. Obviously, if you’re a victim of abuse or infidelity, that changes the nature of the proceeding, but even then there is a rational way to deal with divorce. Our firm always strives to find that way.

If there are children involved, do you want them to see Mom and Dad slugging it out in open court? Is any amount of money or property worth destroying their ability to get what they need from both parents? These are thought-provoking questions, ones that every California divorce attorney and his clients have to ask and answer before beginning a divorce case. Even if the parents can’t get along anymore, the welfare of the children needs to be considered. California law does require psychological evaluation of all parties if parents can’t agree on a suitable financial and custody arrangement.

There are also a number of secondary issues that can be brought into a divorce proceeding. A failure to comply with an order for child or spousal payments can result in contempt of court charges; something we can represent you on or ensure is enforced upon the offending party. We also often see restraining orders in place as a result of actions before or during divorce proceedings. If you are under one of those or holding one against your spouse, please let us know up front so we can advise you on the best course of action for your divorce filing and any future dealings with your soon-to-be ex-significant other.

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