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Considering Your Bankruptcy Options

When times are rough and you have financial difficulties, you don’t have to face the harassment of bill collectors alone. Contact The Law Offices of Jesus Zuniga. If you qualify, we’ll stop the telephone calls, lawsuits and garnishments. We’ll guide you through the process step by step. You only need a small deposit to retain our services.
We will educate you thoroughly about the process in plain language that you will understand, helping you decide between the liquidation of Chapter 7 or the repayment plan option in Chapter 13. We will also keep you promptly informed as we file your paperwork and navigate your case through the courts. Together, we’ll stay one step ahead of the creditors. We will help you get back on track financially, both during the bankruptcy filing process and later on while you rebuild your credit.

Things that you’ll need to do before filing bankruptcy:

  • Meet with our office and provide the necessary information for completion of the petition and schedules, including a list of your current personal property and its value, a list of creditors, and information regarding your income.
  • Provide our office with the last year’s tax returns and the last three months of pay stubs for you and your spouse, if applicable.
  • Complete a U.S. trustee-approved credit counseling briefing and give the completion certificate to our office to file with your petition.
Contact us now to take charge of your financial future. To schedule an initial meeting, call 661-522-0092 or send us an email. We are conveniently located in Lancaster, California.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.