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Responding To Domestic Violence Allegations With Tact

At The Law Offices of Jesus Zuniga, we respond to domestic violence allegations very seriously. Regardless of which party we are representing, we work hard to discover the truth. If allegations were made simply as a litigation tactic against our client, we fight hard to set the record straight. On the other hand, if a client needs protection from a potentially dangerous family situation, we know how to take quick action and request a temporary restraining order from the court.

Utilizing The Court’s Protections

Divorce is difficult enough without any violence. If you are the victim of domestic violence you need to seek immediate help before you are overwhelmed. California law presumes that awarding custody of a child to a domestic violence perpetrator is not in the best interests of the child. You do not have to withstand the physical and emotional abuse from your spouse. It is especially detrimental to your children if they witness it. They may be scarred for life.

Protecting Your Children During Domestic Violence Allegations

Contact our office to see if we can obtain temporary possession of the family residence for you and the children. If you are the nonworking spouse, the court may order the other spouse to pay the monthly expenses. There are also circumstances in which a victim of violence leaves the house without taking the children. If that is the case, we will guide you so that the court does not factor the time of your absence against you in determining custody.
There are also cases in which your spouse tries to provoke you to gain an unfair advantage in the custody proceedings and in the divorce case in general.

Contact An Experienced Domestic Violence Attorney

Contact our office so we can help you out of the bind even if criminal spousal battery charges have already been brought against you. We look forward to helping you with these delicate issues. Call 661-522-0092 or send us an email to schedule an initial consultation at our Lancaster or Bakersfield, California, office locations today.